Meet the Team

Meet the Team

What Inspired Us

I was inspired by a kitten calendar that perked up from an uninspiring day at work. It made me yearn to just do simple things with my four-legged friend, Loki, an Australian Shepard, such as walking with him on a sunny day.

I wondered if I would be exponentially happier if I could have him on the wall so I ordered pictures of him and hung him up on the wall, this boosted my well-being at the office.

During the same time period, my friend was becoming an illustrator at Long Beach State and I got an idea to ask her to illustrate Loki. She was happy to oblige and I was thrilled with how it turned out, I wanted to share this with everyone.
Now my friend, a small team of illustrators, and I are working to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

What I really like about what we created was that my best friend Loki is now a fine piece of art, not that he wasn’t already one before, but now he is on my wall, and is the wallpaper on my phone and iPad.

Our goal is to create a product that produces joy, has sentimental value, and gives back to the community.

We donate 4% of all proceeds to Pets In Need, in California where is help support their animal shelters. Check them out here.

I sincerely hope that these illustrations bring you as much joy as it did to me.

Creator of perpetual pups, animal fanatic, karaoke enthusiast.