17 Puppy Photos That Will MELT Your Heart

Look at all these cute Golden retriever puppies all bunched up together!

Or how about group of brothers and sisters of Australian shepherds?

This puppy yawning definitely warms up the heart real well!

Where are all these little guys going?

How bout these 2 hipsters? Are they going to the club?

Puppies that play together, stay together.

perpetual pups illustrated posters of pets

Someone let me know what breed these puppies are. So cute!

Look at this cute puppy taking a nap while his "friend" is keeping guard.

This guy looks like he's full of mischief!

Typical. But how are you supposed to get work done anyways with such a cute puppy?

This guy has a lot to learn left when it comes to playing hide and seek!

Who doesn't love full body rubs?

Look at that face! Don't you just wanna cuddle with this pup all day?

This good boy looks like he's ready to explore the world!

This guy on the other hand, looks like he's ready to take over the world!

Don't worry little one, you're not late.

This girl looks like she could use a nap soon!

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